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Talk to me....


Communication can be easily overlooked, but the ability to communicate well is necessary to carry out and read the requirements and needs of the client effectively. Without communication there is no way to express thoughts, ideas and feelings.


This is why we aim to provide communication between you and us by your most convenient method. Be it phone, fax, letter, email or website; you can be sure to receive a very swift acknowledgement and response. Our property management personnel are always there to assist both client and tenant on even the smallest of issues.

Bespoke property management


We dont stop there, WBB can tailor a property management service to suit your particular needs. Try us and see! We can provide rent collection, regular cleaning & bill paying but to name a few.


Put us to the test, get in touch and see if we can cover your needs.

Maintenance & Repairs


Unlike many property management companies, we have direct experience of building and maintenance. We are able to ensure that your repair is carried out in a fairly priced way by a firmly established and trusted contractor.


We know how much it should cost on average to replace a tap, boiler or window. We will not bombard you with unrealistic and extortionate estimates simply because it is easier for us not to search around. We have contacts in key areas who are able to provide us with trade prices so the saving is passed directly on to you.


We offer a flexible float system where you can allow smaller repairs to take place without you even having to handle a single phone call or email. We will provide you with regular statements outlining clearly all repair related expenditure so you know your property management is under control.



We deal with all your checks ins/outs & inventories swiftly and efficiently so that any dilapidations are calculated and processed as soon as possible.


We take photographs at the beginning and end of each tenancy, which are sent to you at regular intervals. We also provide you with quarterly inspections and reports so you can keep a firm hand on the current status and condition of your investment....Remember, this is at no extra cost and is included in our basic pricing structure.